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-navegador-motor-diagnosis-e-letras/ Thu, 05 Apr 2018 12:16:26 +0000 motor-diagnosis-descargar-navegador-motor-diagnosis-e-letras/Siemens announces UFER Enterprise Platform for the industrial internet of things Siemens has announced UFER, an enterprise software platform that combines artificial intelligence and the industrial internet of things to help companies process vast amounts of information generated by industrial sensors and machines to transform business operations in production and the environment. Siemens AG’s UFER platform will go into pilot use in July 2018. The pilot is targeted at the automotive industry, where UFER will work together with Siemens’ new PlantWise system for the machine-to-machine industrial internet. PlantWise is expected to be released commercially in 2019. UFER has four main purposes: Reducing the risk of accidents and operational disruptions by processing data from industrial sensors and machines to make it available for analysis at a moment’s notice. Organizing data from multiple sources and producing a common, actionable view of plant operations. Enabling businesses to become more productive by using data from machines, sensors and the internet of things to optimize production and service processes. Reducing costs by optimizing maintenance processes, improving the efficiency of plant operations, and capturing data that can be used to develop new products or services. UFER will be developed in collaboration with IBM, leading international manufacturing company, as well as a number of smaller partner companies in a selected industry sector. UFER’s main focus is on the automotive industry. This industry has one of the most complex IT infrastructures in the world, including: Production lines for which plant operations require close monitoring, such as those for powertrain components and fuel injection systems; Networks of machines that capture and analyze plant operations data, such as the multi-sensor networks of forklifts, cranes and conveyor belts; PlantWise, which is ready for the commercial release in 2019, will feed UFER with production data from the plant, such as production rate and inventory information, and process it to make it available for analysis at a moment’s notice. The U



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